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Don’t you want the best always? Pick best rates as you compare what multiple money changers offer, on a dynamic live dashboard.


Money Changing Marketplace

iChange Offerings

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Money Changing Marketplace
Send Money Overseas
Multi Currency Wallet / Card
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iChange for Singapore

iChange brings the convenience of a money exchange marketplace into the hands of individuals. Once the privilege of exchange agents, iChange offers options for individuals to take charge of their choices.  To compare , evaluate the best fit and decide what suits the individual’s current context and need. 

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Money Changing Marketplace

Going global from wherever you are, iChange opens up the world of buying, selling, remitting or transferring world currencies of your choice.  Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Compare rates between money changers, pick what’s beneficial to you and buy instantly online. 

  • Wherever in the world you are or may go, your iChange is accessible for you to transact and exchange on demand.

  • Buy or sell across any border in your currency. 

  • We can process around 50 currencies from across the globe 

  • We convert currency for your convenience

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Multi Currency Wallet / Card

iChange supports a multi-currency digital wallet to make and receive international payments from one single global Wallet 

  • Simple, safe , quick

  • Your iChange wallet is your bank in your pocket.  Why risk carrying cash or other financial instruments that are subject to loss, theft or damage ? 

  • Your iChange Wallet is Cash on Demand. 

  • Access and transact with global currencies

  • Cash in on rewards and loyalty points, adding to your savings

  • iChange supports Apple wallet & GPay

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When your Life and Business crosses Global Borders, real-time Remittance rates begin to matter. Every cent leveraged adds to a collective zillion dollar goal.


  • Completely transparent, No hidden charges, what you see what you get.

  • Our AI driven digital platform lets your compare & take informed decisions

  • Book, buy, close, settle all in one space with the convenience of secure digital transactions.

Remit Now
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Bill Payments

Support family and friends overseas with instant top-ups, recharge, payment of utility bills like power, telecom, healthcare, insurance and more..​

  • Accept  - that bills need to be paid / collected on time & Authorise - act on prompts and avoid default or delay

  • Top-Up overseas calling cards & subscriptions.

  • Stay in Sync

  • Gain single dashboard visibility of what’s due and when

  • Choose to leverage Intelligent Insights for efficient life and work.

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Bill Payments

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Hear It from Our Customers

I never knew exchange rates could vary so much from money changer to money changer. Here at iChange, I was completely in control of my decision.  I could see the rates, the variation and could choose what was best for me. iChange put me in the driving seat. Thank you.

Simone, UX Designer, Brushed


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